Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snooze on an Empty Stomach

Some of the best eating advice I have received was a warning not to eat within 2 or 3 hours of going to bed. I’ve thought about it and tested it, and found it to be sound advice.

Several things can happen when eating too late at night. First, the body has negative reactions to the food. Digestion issues and heartburn are examples. The body isn’t able to sleep as deeply on a full stomach, thus making for less energy the following day. The metabolism slows in the evening, making the food that enters the body much more likely to turn to fat. The morning after late-night eating leaves the body sluggish and with a low-appetite, resulting in a higher likelihood to skip breakfast and delve into unhealthy snacks later on.

When you think about it, our bodies don’t need energy late at night. There is really no necessity in fueling ourselves for bed. If there ever is a time to feel tired and sluggish, bedtime is it! When I wake in the morning and feel that wonderful healthy appetite for something nutritious to fill my stomach, knowing that I ate right the night before, it’s simply a wonderful feeling.


  1. I agree a large meal is not good shortly before bedtime. But for me a little snack in the late evening is very enjoyable and keeps me on my calorie eating plan. For me, controlled eating every 2-3 hours works best.

  2. I have experienced it just the other nigh,
    and o boy I felt sorry for doing so..
    I know how good it feels to go to bed on a empty or light stomach, I seep way better and the feeling of waking up much lighter it's just amazing..
    and last year I was doing realy good with it too, I try not to eat after 6 for a long while, at fist it wasn't as easy but then I start getting used to it and it I had no problems and u should of seen my pounds dropping like crazy, it does work if u stick to it.. I think I have to get back on track with that, but a lot of times I blow it..
    O well I list I won't give up. If I don't succeed I try again..
    Thanks for your Avocado..
    enjoy reading them..
    one thing though,I was wondering if u could have a diffrent color since this green kind of hurts my eyes after a while and makes it hard to read, even though I do love the color green, hope u don't mind me telling u this..
    ok thanks..:)