Monday, July 12, 2010

X is for exercise

When we think of exercise, we usually think of the physical benefits it gives, but there are other kinds of benefits that come from exercise too. One of the best times of inspiration I have found is during exercise. Whether I am stressed or so tired that my brain feels numb, I still get rejuvenated as I am puffing away in a workout.

Exercising brings out my creative side. I have dreamed up everything from futuristic clothing designs to a blockbuster movie plot while exercising. And if I ever get writer’s block, a good workout will take care of that! Exercise helps with mental blocks all around. I wonder if the person who coined the phrase “jog your memory” realized that exercise can assist in helping us to remember things.

Exercising helps clear away the emotions. If I get worked up about something trivial—shocking that I do that, I know!—the two best ways for me to unwind and get the right perspective is prayer and exercise. Then again, when I get worked up about things that I have every business being worked up about, the same two strategies help me to calm down.

While exercise might not give the deep inward peace that prayer gives, it can help align our thoughts and prioritize our passions. While the physical benefits of exercise are outstanding, there are still other reasons that exercise can help make our lives better.


  1. I remember during high school and college many times I would get on my bike and go for a long ride if I was having a hard time concentrating on my schoolwork. This usually happened if I had a paper to write. When I returned from my bike ride I could think more clearly and be more focused.

  2. Funny you should write this Kimberly. There is a book I started reading after I got laid off it '08 called '48 Hours to the Work You Love' by Dan Miller. He talked a lot about using the "time off" to round out your life, including working out regularly—which can vastly inspire creativity!

    Anna and I try to walk a few evenings a week, but that's about all the exercise we get. I need to clean out the garage! :)

  3. I have found it to be true! Exercise is better than drinking coffee :)

  4. Now you're just getting carried away...

  5. Of course I need coffee to exercise! lol