Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Counting Calories, Day 3

My husband had the day off so we decided to go to Ikea. I was looking forward to finding some house decorating items and I was surprised that Jay was so willing to go. After we arrived at the store I realized why he was so willing to traipse along. I found him in the remodeling area working on work stuff—on his day off. After he had his fun working, it took us quite a long time to make it through the maze of a store. By this time both kids and parents were tired and hungry.

We decided to make use of the in-store food court. I chose what I thought to be the most sensible item on the menu—a buffalo chicken wrap. It consisted of white chicken breast meat, wrapped in a tortilla with lettuce and shredded cheese. Try as I did later, I could not find nutritional information to tell me how many calories I ate. So I tried piecing it together.

As far as I could tell the wrap had no sauces or mayonnaise in it. It was also a bit dry. I ended up dipping it in barbeque sauce.

Chicken breast meat: 129 calories
Flour tortilla 10 inches long: 234 calories
Cheese: 90 calories
BBQ sauce: 30 calories
Green lettuce: 5 calories
Total: 488 calories

It was a bit more difficult calculating the one meatball and three fries I ate, or the four licks of ice cream I had because my daughter was letting it melt too fast. Even the calculations I did make were guesses to a certain extent.

Later on my husband, ever the internet research guru, found the calories listed for the buffalo chicken wrap off of a website from someone who claims to know. 275 calories. I guess I overestimated by a long shot. Maybe I’ll go have another one.


  1. I think you went way over on the tortilla - it is closer to 120 calories. And the amount of chicken they use in those kind of wraps is probably less than 100 calories.

    Here is a great site for checking restaurant nutritional items (doesn't have Ikea, though, LOL):

  2. I was thinking that chicken wrap was up there at 488 calories. What a relief to find it so much lower! Those calories can add up so fast. This shows it still pays to try to find something more healthy on the menu!

  3. Don't forget all those calories you burned by chasing the kids around the restaurant.

  4. I agree that it sounded high on the calorie count, but unless it was an official site the calorie count listed may be a guess similar to yours. When I look for nutritional values I often run across 'facts' that state the calorie counts and it turns out that it was someone doing exactly what you did. I tend to lean on the side of caution and over estimate my calories rather than under.

  5. Very true. I think it all comes down to the tortilla. Some tortillas are higher some lower in calories.