Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitchen Project

It’s been hectic at our house this summer. We are currently without cupboards in our kitchen and soon to be without water, refrigerator, or any other useful appliance. Due to some water damage we are getting a new kitchen, which really is a blessing even though it feels like a curse right now.

The curse is enough to drive me crazy—trying to get the cabinet guy to call me back, trying to find that pan that was once in its perfect spot, and trying to make dozens good decisions in a matter of hours. And another obstacle: my anxiety for the days to come.

I am dreading the weeks when we won’t have a kitchen, and when we’ll be hearing slamming, hammering, and drilling nonstop instead. How will my kids react? How will they nap? Where will we go during the day?

And where will we eat? Will I gain ten pounds from eating out all the time? Friends have told me that I should BBQ outside and use paper plates, which is a useful idea I plan to do. But what if it’s too hot? Where will I keep the meat if I don’t have a refrigerator?

So many questions and so many concerns. I really should let tomorrow take care of itself.

Ultimately, this situation is the perfect topic for a health blog because there are so many health ramifications from being kicked out of your kitchen. I plan to give updates as we progress through this unanticipated project. Hopefully I’ll be sane enough to do so!

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